January 19, 2008


No, I am not heartbroken at all, but that's the name I gave to the necklace above. It was just published in the latest issue of Simply Beads Magazine. I just added it as a kit to the Earthenwood website here. Unfortunately, it varies a bit from the print project, because the wavy silver bars I used when I designed it up and *poof* vanished! I cannot find them anywhere! So I have a little more simple version, but I am still happy with it.

Also, while you are browsing the necklace kits, you might be interested in last year's Valentine themed kit, the Heart Flame, shown below. I have only a few left and they are on sale until they are gone.
Just a quickie post today, I have to run off to Chuck's Magic event. I will leave you with something that will get my toes (and maybe yours too) tapping today. Pat Benetar in some live footage with "Heartbreaker"

Link to You Tube video

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