January 25, 2008

"Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?...

I don't know..."

Well, my body is kicking my mind's butt today. I thought I was getting better, but as soon as I typed yesterday that I was grateful for no sore throat, well..bam! Sore throat. Bleh. I was able to get some glazing done yesterday, in between attempted naps, and I fired a kiln. I also made a handful of beads last night, but not much. I have shipping to do today and I think I will really need to try to take a long nap. I will say though, that Nyquil is like absinthe to me or something, because I had some crazy hallucination-like dreams last night. I saw some cool beads in them, actually! Chuck and I were making beads in a crazy futuristic airport for some reason. Oh, Nyquil, you make me crazy!

So another one of Chuck's Magic cards above. I have only one more left to post for tomorrow, I figure I will just show them all. Today's is a Kithkin, which is I guess a small halfling type creature. I guess this one has something to do with forging or blacksmithing. She's got a great attitude, like go ahead and mess with me. Wow, I looked up Kithkin on Wiki, and found this huge list of species in Magic the Gathering. What a really cool world, I am really fascinated by it. Part of me would really love to learn to play but I just know I could never get enough time to learn it all. This is pathetic, but the closest I came to gaming was when Pokemon was really big. My brother and I played and I really enjoyed it. I know that is 1000x easier than Magic, but doing it gave me the experience of at least knowing what it was like to create decks and collect cards. And i got a little obsessed with it, so I thinkI can comprehend the mania and obsession that goes along with other games, especially ones like MTG where everything is so detailed and the card art is so cool.

So humour me again today, even if you hate the Smiths. It's sort of like, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to...except its more like I am sick, and here...you can be miserable too...listen to this...

Today's song is Morrissey singing the Smiths' "Still Ill"

Link to video on You Tube


  1. ah...Morrissey...same cold...a few thousand miles west of you...it's totally draining all of our collective energy...love the dove and the pegasus below...thanks for the insipiration...maybe tomorrow I'll take out some beads...gotta go make some more tea...to soothe the savage beast of a cold.

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon!

    One time when I was sick, I made the mistake of reading "The Lurker On The Threshold" and then when I went to sleep, I spent the entire night dreaming that I had to do non-Euclidian geometry. Half the time I was trying to summon Nyarlathotep, the other half I was trying to keep him away. And it felt VERY urgent to me. Even when I was lucid, I felt like I had to do it. And no, I don't know how to do non-Euclidian geometry. I hate math.

    I think this is my favorite of Chuck's cards :)

  3. katerinasmama,
    Oh, sorry to hear you are all sick too. It's been almost a week now. Getting better I think but still feeling bad. Hope you are better...

    Wow, that's some crazy dreamage! Yeah I tend to focus on something really specific and obsess about it all night when I have sick dreams. bleh. At least I had some ideas that night...