January 15, 2008


Well, we just got back from voting, for all its worth. Thank you everyone for helping me figure out the confusing Michigan Primary yesterday. The volunteers were kind and helpful, and seemed frustrated at the situation, and they said they had been explaining things and having to hear complaints all morning. There was noting else on the ballot to vote for, so I checked my box and we went home.
I feel just sort of sad and defeated today. I had hoped that after my first Primary vote I would feel feel proud to be part of democracy and full of hope for change, but I don't. Here's a good song for today..."Changes" by my favorite protest singer Phil Ochs. I was only three when he died, so I never got to hear his music in his time. This recording was from 1967, six years before I was born, but it really crosses time for me. This song feels to be both optimistic and sad at the same time... frustrated, and hopeful. That about sums it up today.

"The world's spinning madly, it drifts in the dark

Swings through a hollow of haze,

A race around the stars, a journey through

The universe ablaze with changes."

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  1. We're next up...and getting all the phone calls during dinner...it's my first caucus...we moved from CA (primary state) to NV three years ago...I can hardly wait...still undecided...but I can hardly wait...my son gets to ring the opening gong...he's not quite as thrilled as I am!

  2. I am really still very disappointed that my vote was irrelevant. *sigh* I was excited to participate. I am glad you get to...