January 20, 2008


So a bit of a change today. I had planned to go with Chuck to day two of the Magic pre-release, but I am not feeling well, and yesterday was a long day, so I have stayed home to rest and work. It was a pretty cool event yesterday...a huge room full of players really excited about Magic and the newly released Morningtide cards, one of which is above, Chuck's Changeling Sentinel. I don't know much more about it other than it is a cool looking card and we only saw a handful of them yesterday. It seemed like the fans really liked a few of Chuck's cards, mostly the ones from the Lorwyn set. They seemed to really like the artwork for one thing, and some of the cards are good in game play for some players. I will show another one tomorrow that was really popular. Or you can see them all here on the MTG site.

It is crazy because it is top secret, these new cards, and the artists have to keep them seriously under wraps until they are released. Now they are out, as of this weekend, and I finally found them on the MTG site. So the day was spent watching the guys dig through their new cards and their old cards too, hunting for Chuck's designs. He would sign them and draw on the card too, which was crazy. He signed hundreds of cards it seemed like...he was constant from about 10 am until we left at 6 pm. It was cool!

Ok, now about ME, although watch me try to tie these things together...

Above, my earring designs from the new issue of Simply Beads. I made the mini heart charms (now on the website here) and designed the earrings. The cool bumpy polkadot beads are made by my dear friend Carla of Bag Lady Beads. Carla has had some really exciting happy ch-ch-ch-changes in her life in the last week. Congrats to Carla!

Ok, I am going to glaze a little bit now, load a kiln, and then rest today. First, here is the video of the day. I was looking for David Bowie's "Changes" (thus the wildly clever title about the changeling) but I found this instead, and its better. So this is a video for Chuck to laugh at when he gets home today from his event. It's Flight of the Conchords with "Bowie in Space"

Link to Video on You Tube


  1. Congratulations to Chuck on the release of the MTG cards! I know this has been a long time coming. (I'm terrible at keeping secrets myself.) I love those earrings - I love Bag Lady Beads. They go really well with your hearts.

  2. Melissa,
    Thanks it is an exciting time! He worked on them all year and could only talk to the art director and staff about it. I barely even knew what he was working on!

    Did you get to meet Carla at B&B? I hope you come this year. I will introduce you. We will likely be travelling together again...

    Her beads ae so tiny and detailed! I had so scale down my things to work with them. I love them!

  3. That's BRILLIANT !!!

    Those cats are too effin funny.. AND !!
    as I was leaving the signing and packing
    up, guess what I was humming in my head ??

    "It's beasneasss, it's beasneasss TIIIME...
    oh, an it's beasneass time, BABeay...

    Love you Dear,

  4. Charlie,
    HAHAHA I bet you were wondering what the heck kind of funny Bowie video I put on my blog for you! It was a good find, eh?

    bisness time!