January 21, 2008

"Can't add my name into the fight while I'm gone..."

"...So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here"

Ok, yesterday I said I was going to share the favorite Magic card of the fans from the pre-release, but I will do that tomorrow. It slipped my mind that it was MLK day today, and other stuff has come up in my mind, so change of plans for today. I have written before (here) about fantasy and gaming and about how aggressive thoughts and feelings can be channelled into the game play, making for a less violent person in real life. That's why I see no conflict about being a pacifist and yet being surrounded with fantasy images of fighting and destruction. I think that the negative physical part of fighting and war can be channelled into the fantasy and the ideas of morality and good and evil become symbolic and mythological in game play. I think Chuck believes this too, and although I am not sure about all the gamers we meet, I feel like from what I have seen about how these huge groups of guys relate to each other, I can say this is pretty true.
So that might seem like a stretch but this is how I understand it and I feel like I can confidently intermingle thoughts of MLK, peace, protest, and non violence with fighting fire monsters. Does that work for anyone else? It makes complete sense to me.

Today I entered a contest on Jean Yates' blog. One of her questions was what is your favorite song. An impossible question, but I answered anyway. It is a song that moves me, and I listen to it when I am feeling sad and depressed or when I feel like I am not living up to my potential, or that I am no good. It is Phil Och's "When I'm Gone". Here is a video with a cover of it by Ani DiFranco, who I do not know enough, and who I think I would like. It was recorded for the movie Steal the Movie about Abbie Hoffman, who I do not know enough about either. SO I will spend some time today learning and thinking about the sixties and protest and non-violence. Which is a perfect way to celebrate MLK day.


  1. How touched in every way I am that you wrote this and made a connection to my blog. Yes, Magic player are gentle and lovig. I know, because I know some!

    I listened to the video and watched it--it was beautiful, she sings the song beautifully, and I realized that the star of the movie is Vincent D'Onofrio... that extraondiarily, vastly talented actor who is on my blog concerning his part in Law and Order CI.

    Anyone who wants to enter my t shirt contest is invited.

    xox jean

  2. << I feel like from what I have seen about how these huge groups of guys relate to each other >>

    AHEM! There are girl gamers, too! I may not play Magic: The Gathering, but I am a roleplayer, and one of three girls in our group. Also, my L5R character has a higher kill count than all the guys put together :P

    Girl Gamers: Not Just a Myth Anymore!

  3. Jean,
    Well, Magic players ae not always sunshine and lollipops, don't get me wrong! They make no qualms aobut farting loudly and proudly in front of your booth continuously as the artist signs their cards. And they are often loud and excitable and wildly inappropriate. Nevertheless, they are great for the most part...

    Thanks for watchng the video, she did it well. And Vincent is a good actor, eh? Wasn't he in that one crazy scary movie with J Lo about going into someones dreams? It was really disturbing, was that the cell? the only thing I have seen J Lo in that I liked.

    OH NO! Sorry to go all sexist on you! I know girls game too, only the coolest girls! But you must admit it is more rare. Ther ewere hundreds of guys at the pre-release and really only a handful of girls. I know because I was always super excited to talk to a girl gamer and probably talked thier ears off! Maybe thats just our local scene.

    I am just talking about guys in particular because they seem more likely to have other hobbies that are more aggressive and violent, like sports and stuff. Not that girls don't like that too, but I think you know what I mean...

  4. Cool cards! You must be so proud!

  5. Gaea,
    I am proud! Chuck is such a great artist, and now his work is reaching the world so they will know it too!

    At the show, we saw just a few, but there were Japanese cards with his images too. There are also Russian versions of Magic, and all sorts of other languages. Isn't that cool!?!

  6. OH my gosh! That just gave me the chills! Super cool!

  7. Gaea, what the song? Yeah it gives me chills every time i hear it too. It makes me a little sad too because Phil Ochs took his own life. He had so much potential. I guess that makes it even more of a reminder...

  8. I couldn't get the video to play for some reason.. I probably have too many windows open! The thought of Chucks work around the world... very cool!

  9. oh, lol! Yeah that's a huge thrill! I was so tempted to buy some of the Japanese card packs but I doubted I would get any of Chucks...maybe we can buy some individual ones at a show sometime...

  10. Girl gamers are in the minority, though I do think it's a growing minority. And my local scene seems to have a higher amount of them -- there've been a few days at my local game shop where I think it's been pretty close to a 75/25 split. A lot of the girls seem to be the SOs of male players, but they're playing, too.

    I've also noticed that most girl gamers engage in several other stereotypically male hobbies, be it sports, violent video games, action movies, or comic book collecting. Also, we tend to have better hygiene than our male counterparts ;D

  11. Yeah I can see a growing minority of girls, but it is mostly guys. I notice this at Gen Con too. Maybe its a midwest thing...

    Speaking of poor hygene, I think those gamers gave me a cold! Arg! I am all funky in my chest and coughy. yuck!