January 9, 2008

can you read my mind?

Ok, things are returning to normal a bit around here. I got over my kiln misfire and did some online shopping and paperwork yesterday. I fired the big kiln yesterday and although it takes FOREVER it means that I will be able to ship some orders out tomorrow. I will be delayed in future orders a bit though, because I need to fill that big kiln with more than a tiny bowl of beads for the next bisque. Better hop to some beadmaking!So yesterday I wanted to talk about simultaneous inspiration. In the past, oh five years? that I have known fellow ceramic bead artist Gaea Cannaday, we have experienced the strangest phenomenon of coming up with the same bead ideas at the same time. It is truly bizarre! When we met, we were both already pretty settled into our work and had our own visible and consistent styles. We used some of the same clay and glazes, but the similarities were much greater than that. I think the first thing we really noticed was a face we had each made, very similar with spirals all over it. It freaked us out at first, as we were both sort of afraid that the other would thing we copied. The dreaded "COPY" word is highly feared in the art world, and in the bead world, so the thought of the accusation was troubling. I forget who spotted this one first, but the next time, the other person spotted the same idea on the other person's site. I think that time it was the use of words in charms and links. So since we both knew that the other could not have seen what we had been working on at the same time, we realized that it was simultaneous inspiration.In the past few years, this has happened numerous more times. We laugh about it now! We both did skulls, kissy lips, devils, goddesses, frames, words, and bubbles (i will show you that tomorrow) at the same time. Yesterday I saw that Gaea had some great wooden twig like beads on her blog, and it didn't surprise me at all that I had the twig link shown above sitting right next to me, ready to be photographed for Etsy. Check out Gaea's new wooden ceramic beads, they are awesome! Since we have our own styles, they are always different enough, even though the basic idea might be similar, so I love when this happens now, it makes me feel connected to some sort of soul sister on the other side of the country.

The funny thing is, after I made my twig above this fall, I noticed pretty much the same piece around the neck of my other friend and fellow bead maker, Diane Hawkey. We have this same phenomenon happen on occasion as well, lol! Or I may have simply copied it, I don't know. It seemed original at the time, but when I saw it on her I thought, well, I probably have seen hers before...the bird too (although I have made birds for a long time, this is the one and only in this large size, which is more her size bead, so...) The difference here is that Diane is a friend I know in real life, and see frequently, while I have never met Gaea, she is an internet friend. Go check out Diane's blog, which I just noticed that she has been updating more frequently....way to go Diane!

So the song of the day is "Can you read my mind" by the Killers. Love this song, and love the video set in Japan, but I have been enjoying the slower, live versions of songs on the new CD, and this one looks live...


  1. I believe that ideas are ripening at certain times, some folks can sense that as it starts and they tune into it and begin channeling. Everything goes around and around in circles and cycles and some folks sense that. So you are in tune and your friends are as well, which is totally unsurprising because you're creative, spiritual beings.

    As long as you're all doing your own thing, it's good! Classical composers would all play on the same motifs and create their own unique compositions, art is like that. I love that part.

    I like those branches!


  2. My BFF and I are like that...we're sure we were twins in a past life...it seems like we're forever thinking of the same things...and even calling each other at the same time (file under: Scary Things)...love those synergy moments!

  3. Margot, I agree! And also I think that the materials can sometimes really lend themselves naturally to certain creative ideas. For example, I think every ceramic bead artist I know has made a leaf bead/charm of some kind, it is just like the natural thing to do. But they all look different tnd that is the fun thing! Thanks for your thoughtful comments...

    Yes, synergy, thats a great word! How cool to have such a BFF!

  4. the germans have a word for it: zeitgeist. it literally translates to "time spirit"

  5. belvedere beads,
    oh yes, I have heard that word before, but i never knew exactly what it meant. It is my newly learned thing of the day! Thanks!

  6. It is amazing how we can be on the same wave length. I'm not a particularly religious person and view most "psychic" things with more than a grain of skepticism, but I tell you, it can be unsettling and comforting all at the same time when this phenomena occurs. It is so nice to feel a connection with another person, especially when it is someone you admire. The sticks are so graceful and precious! I love the bird foot prints.

  7. Belvedere beads,
    This is crazy! After looking up the word Zeitgeist in the link you gave me, we got in the mail a handprinted almanac calendar card from a really cool wood engraver/letterpress printer friend of ours. The first thing I saw when Chuck showed it to me was in really bold lettering, the word Zeitgeist with a little definition. If that isn't a Zeitgeist, I dont' know what is?

    I am the same way, kind of skeptical and I am pretty non- religious, but I do love when these things happen, they make me feel there is a connection between humans. I am so glad we both enjoy it!