January 11, 2008

All sorts of winners, congrats, and kudos!

Today I want to post some congratulations and kudos!
Firstly, I want to shout a *hooray* to the three winners of the Holiday Giveaway. I would have announced this earlier, but I had forgotten to ask for names on the entry form, I just got emails, lol! oops! Anyway, I notified the winners and their items are all in the mail, I just didn't have names until they replied. So congrats to Judy Higgins, Deborah Dafour, and Peggy Sue for winning the three prizes!
Interestingly, I learned one tidbit from the contest. If you recall, I asked the entrants to choose their favorite of the three bead sets listed on the page. And by far, the most picked was the Vintage Garden set above. Interesting! The second favorite was the Fairy Fantasy and third was Wicked Love.

Next up in line as a Winner is KaterinasMama, who won the Leafy Chainmaille bracelet shown above! YAY! Please send me an email with your address and wrist size to earthenwood at gmail.com and I will size it and send it out to you!

I have taken a new photograph of the bracelet above for my files, I think I didn't have the settings right when I took it last. I don't know, it's not much better, is it? Something about all the silver and the seafoam just isn't working with my set up...

And finally, I wanted to send out some Kudos... I want to thank the staff at Little Friends of Ferndale and our awesome vet Dr. Burke (who we call Dr. Bum Bum, because she said "bum bum" once, which is really funny and made us feel less freaked out). They are so great! We were worried because Zoey has been shedding big clumps of fur lately. Turns out she is just a big furball, and I guess the unseasonably warm weather is affecting a lot of dogs.

I also want to shout out to my super speedy packing supply place, eSupplyStore, who shipped my bubble envelopes at a great price and super fast. I was so happy to come home from the vet to find my to big boxes of shipping envelopes! I am all set for a while now! Also the incredible lightning speed of Euclid's Kilns and Elements, who shipped our replacement kiln elements all the way from Canada at lightning speed! Ok, well Ontario is just a few hours from Detroit, but you would think that customs would slow things down or make it really expensive, but it was not.

Well, now it is late afternoon and I received two more shipments today. My Rio Grande order, nothing super exciting, and satisfactory as usual. But the exciting thing is my first wholesale order direct from Vintaj! Check out all the lovelies I have to work with! *squee* for brassy goodness! I will have to really stop myself from playing with these and finishing up the projects I am currently working on.

Ok, well talk to you tomorrow all! I have a new post idea for Art Bead Scene that will be running tomorrow, so stay tuned...


  1. Congrats to all the winners.

    Your Zoey is so adorable! I'm glad that the shedding was nothing to be alarmed about.

  2. *sniff

    Congrats to all the winners. Maybe next time.....

  3. AJ,
    Thanks we were a bit worried there was something wrong with her diet or something. She's not the little puppy she once was...

    aww, sorry! You're a good sport!

  4. Thank you, Melanie...you totally made my day as I said in the email!! Glad Zoey is better...I had a couple of cats that were King and Queen of Furball Land!!!

  5. My dog has been doing the same thing until recently. It was crazy! Zoey is beautiful!

  6. Katarinasmama, YAY congrats! And thanks for thinking about Zoey!

    fairydogmother (love your name!)
    Yes the vet said she was seeing a lot of it here in MI because of the warmer weather spell. She also recommended fish oil to help Zo's slightly dry skin. And she *loves* that addition to her dinner! We call it fish gravy (its just a couple of drops really)