December 4, 2007

Wrap it up, I'll take it!

Just a quickie post with linkage for you today. I am swiftly getting things done, and I want to keep on moving! I am just waiting for my pizza to bake in the oven for...Dinner? Lunch? What is the meal called at 4pm when you haven't eaten anything all day but a banana. That's what I am waiting for...

So the first link is for the cute little cookie man charm bracelet shown above. It was featured in the December Issue of Simply Beads Magazine, in a project that made both the bracelet and a cute little scent box. Due to popular request, I whipped up some kits for just the bracelet, and listed it on my website. Its called the Sparkle Cookie Bracelet, and I will have several in stock and ready to ship by the week's end.

The other link I have to share is to this month's Art Bead Scene Challenge. The theme is All Wrapped Up. You can enter anything made with art beads paired with funky ribbons or cord, knitting and crochet, or beadweaving techniques. We want to see neat fibers paired with art beads. I have been using a lot of neat cords and fibers, so this theme is perfect for me. i look forward to seeing all the entries. Starting tomorrow on Art Bead Scene, we have a special event for the month of December. I will post about that tomorrow!

Ok, while thinking about the ABS theme for these past couple of weeks, I have had this lame 80's earworm in my head on and off. Actually, I usually get this song stuck in my head around this time of year, when I am thinking about wrapping presents. The song is "Wrap it Up" by the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Yeah, I know..LAME! I told you. I wouldn't torture you with the terrible sexist video for that, but I had to see it myself, to remember, and alas, look what I found! Some old school Eurythmics with *even more fabulous than thunderbirds* Annie Lennox singing it! Is this their original song, or did they cover it? I do not know. Check it out:
*edited* Ok, Wrap it Up is apparrently an old 60's song by Sam and Dave, which makes more sense. That sounds really good. How appropriate that it was adapted and covered in the 80's by TFT and made to look super materialistic and consumerish. I still like Annie tho.

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