December 22, 2007

They say you're nothing but a party girl....

Today I posted a rare Ms. Bead-It-All post over on Art Bead Scene. That's something I want to develop more in the new year, I really like the format, even though they are a bit time consuming. The theme is quick jewelry that you can whip together for a party using commercial chain and art beads.

Here is an example of one of the quick ideas: I just cut a commercial gunmetal chain in the center and linked each side to an Earthenwood Studio Message Stick Link with jump rings. Then I used another bit of chain to link down and across from the bottom of the link, stringing on a little sparkly CZ drop to slide back and forth playfully. I used a whole chain for the necklace part, and cut up a piece of an extra chain for the drop, but you might be able to do this with one chain if you desire a shorter necklace. Super quick and sparkly to boot!

Speaking of parties, we are off to one tonight. Going to see some friends and stay out late and probably eat and drink too much. It will be fun though. Before we go, I need to wrap a few last minute gifts myself, and finish editing and listing some message stick sets for the Etsy shop. Today's song, because I enjoyed digging into my old school Elvis collection yesterday, is "Party Girl". Check out this wacky video with that goofy portrait and the lyrics.

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