December 15, 2007

Sweet Escape

So yesterday was fun! First, I got to see my good friends and fellow ceramic bead makers Carla and Diane at our favorite place to meet and chat: The Pinwheel Bakery in Ferndale. We had coffee and delicious things. I did ok with the sugar while we were there, only having one special salted caramel that the owner brought us out to sample (which was incredibly delicious, I never mentioned to her). I gave teh owner a Queen of Sweets ornament like the one above, fresh out of the kiln. So, I brought cookies home with me AND the highly coveted marshmallows I have been dreaming about...these were peppermint and chai flavored! I was a little reluctant about the peppermint marshmallows because I bought a box of homemade "style" marshmallows at Trader Joes and they were terrible! They tasted like toothpaste and were gritty. But these Pinwheel marshmallows were super pretty for one, and really really yummy! Not too minty, just right, and good to eat just on their own. I guess people use them in hot chocolate, but I don't drink milk and haven't found a great method of making delicious hot chocolate soymilk, so I prefer to just eat them like candy. Anyway, with those treats at home and more coffee, I spent most of the day in a caffeine and sugar filled trance. Bad news!

When I got home, I discovered that my interview at Beading Daily had run, so that was exciting! I fluttered about the house/studio and worked on various projects: Taking photos of the Partridge in a Pear Tree Scent Cookie ornament I posted yesterday, some Scent Cookie Sets (up in the Etsy shop on clearance, along with a few new Queen ornaments), shipping stuff. All sorts of random things. Then Chuck went out with the guys so I had the house to myself...a rare treat! I made a yummy dinner and beaded and watched tv until midnight. I even slept in this morning!
Please check out the Ornament Thursday piece I did for Art Bead Scene called Sugar Sweet Shelter Ornament. It is quite adorable, if I do say so. It is a whole set of jewelry, which is housed in a wooden gingerbread house ornament. Yummy!

Today's song is Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani and Akon. Its not my favorite. I have been listening to old Gwen lately from the No Doubt days and I like it so much more. But I guess you can't be a young punky kid forever. Still, I wish the new stuff had a little more substance. Anyway, here is a super cute video to the song, set to some Princess Peach and Super Mario Nintendo game. Oh it makes me want to play Mario so bad! Its been so long! I think the Mario/Yoshi games are my favorite of all time.

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