December 7, 2007

Sleep Crafting

Well, yesterday was a super busy day and I got an insane amount of things done. Sometimes I amaze myself even. I worked from morning until night on stuff, taking a break to go out for some Thai food after dropping ten packages off at the Post office. We sat down and had a nice meal, even though it was way too spicy, ouch! Mild means mild, please! Lots of great visitors to the blog over the last two days because of Ornament Thursday and some really nice comments. Maybe I can think of another ornament to make this weekend so I can play again next week...hmmmm...

Honestly though, I felt a little down today. I have been thinking lately about the close of the year, and while I think for the most part I have had a great year, professionally, financially, and personally, there were a few disappointments still. These are the lesson learning sort of disappointments, all of a professional nature. I spent a great deal of time this year on at least two projects that took much work for several months, which caused a great deal of stress. Granted, these were both self inflicted projects that I took on myself, as I didn't *have* to do either of them. It is hard to tell sometimes when you are self employed, which things are the best ones to put your energy into. And sometimes things can seem so right and worthwhile at the time, but in the end, are not the best use of your time. I thought today about these things I invested in that are pretty much dead ends now, and I can't help but be a bit disappointed.

But I suppose they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? And I think I have better insight about the kinds of projects that are a better use of my time for the future, and why these particular ones were time burglars. So I have learned. And that is important.

People ask me a lot of the time where I find time to do all the things I do. Well I think the simple answer is that I am incredibly motivated. I work all the time, sometimes too much. As soon as I wake up I am excited to get to work and see what the day brings. And when I commit to something I give it my full effort. And I love what I do, so to spend all day at work really doesn't always feel like work at all. And I have a husband who also works for himself and is similarly motivated, and I surround myself with friends who understand as well. So that is how I do it.

Or maybe not... maybe I am a sleep walking crafter! To lighten the mood...This morning we got a link from our dear friend Michael Naughton, who is a hilarious comedian, of his new video. I think its pretty work safe, no bad language, but there is nekkid Mike man buns at the end, so watch out for that.

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