December 12, 2007

Shut it down!

Well the time has come to officially shut down the Earthenwood Website shop for the holidays.
It still functions, but there are notices everywhere that I just cannot make anything new for stock and ship it before Christmas. I finished what was (i hope) the last of my wet work today and I will be firing the bisque tonight and glazing over the next few days. I have never worked this late in the season.

The Etsy shop is still open and hopping, so I can continue selling and shipping things from there. I added a few more Queen Ornaments tonight and will continue adding things over the next week. Anyone know the last day for first class/priority shipping for Christmas? I guess I should go look it up...

After spending all day with my hands in clay, and paint, and beads, I feel a little better than I did this morning. There are still a couple of hours to work tonight so I better have some dinner and get to it!

Chuck and I have been using the hilarious phrase "shut it down!" after seeing it on 30 Rock. I think this is my favorite show. I love Liz Lemon and Kenneth the most, but they are all really funny! It's so packed with funny that we usually have to watch it 2 or 3 times. Love!


  1. My First Class deadline was Dec 10th. I have Priority deadline as Dec 17th. I wouldn't ship much past those dates.

  2. Yeah it's getting really iffy, isn't it?

    But OH how I am so happy for click and ship now. No more waiting in line at the PO at least!