December 10, 2007

Seeing Red...

above, an experiment with a smaller sized Mayfly goddess done in multiple colors. I am liking playing with many colors on pieces that I am used to seeing in all one color. Its fun. I listed this on Etsy yesterday.

And I am seeing RED today! Oh, its not that dramatic, but I am just having the hardest time with Paypal shipping today. One thing after another is glitching and not working. Come ON people, I have work to do! I feel way behind now and have to go out to do grocery shopping and then tons of work when I get back. Lets get on with it!

So just a quick blog today, while I wait for Paypal to update or something. Later...


  1. I really like how the Mayfly goddess looks in multi-colors!

    PayPal can be such a pain sometimes... I had to totally wipe and re-do my shipping preferences last month to get it to work. I hope your problem is more easily solved!

  2. Your mayfly goddess is lovely! The red suits her. :)

  3. AJ, thanks! Hm, yeah, I do love Paypal and it has never been a major problem *knocks on wood* but sometimes it is frustrating. I did have a lot of packages and my nerves were a bit on edge yesterday.

    Christie, Thank you so much! It does suit her, doesn't it?