December 29, 2007

Our evening with Idiot #2 and friends and effin magic!

Today's post is about magic, you will see why at the end! Last night we had a great time with a small group of Chuck's childhood friends Mark and Michael and their ladies. I was feeling a bit tired before we left and had just gotten into a bit of beading, finishing up the pendant shown above. I kinda didn't feel like going out at first but once we got there and started talking and laughing (and drinking) I was glad we went. I had a little too much to drink (for me...anyone else would be just getting started!) and felt a bit sick the rest of the night. I feel better now and am glad to be able to stay home and settle into some beading today and claywork tonight.
I am getting to the end of my Vintaj findings and am struggling a bit to make the magic happen. I am so addicted to these things! Now that I know how to use them I am ready to place a bigger order and really get some work done. I promised myself not to spend any more money this fiscal year, so I am waiting out the last few days of December before ordering. I can barely wait! All I have left is the unusual shaped filigree wraps that I have been avoiding. Just because they are more challenging. They are really great though, because they take on interesting shapes. With the faces, they start to look like amazing decorative armor and elaborate royal head wear and neck wear. The pendant above really reminds me of Queen Elizabeth, shown in the painting below it, with the ornate collar and the severe angles.

I am also studiously photographing little sets of beads to list on Etsy, like the little magic wizard fairy set above. I have a lot of beads that are one-of-a-kinds and experiments and extras, so I am trying to use Etsy for that, otherwise they are just sitting here. This is the drawback to not doing as many shows this year: the buildup of odd inventory.

Ok, onto the real magic...We were lucky enough to have dinner last night with Michael Naughton, aka Idiot #2 (the one in the green jacket...which he had on yesterday, I now recall) on the highly anticipated release day of the video below "David Blaine Street Magic #3". This is one of those famous internet video things, and the first one in the series was super popular, with over 12 million views! So you will probably see this one bouncing around, but check it out here first!


  1. I'm so bummed I missed out on your special wizard fairy set! It's wonderful!

  2. Oh No! I am sorry someone beat you to it... I will be listing more fairie sets kinda like it tomorrow...

    Thansk for dropping by...

  3. Ooooh! Ahhhh! These are spectacular! Happy (almost) New Year! Peace!

  4. Thank you! And Happy New Year to you too , my friend!