December 13, 2007

Ornament Thursday!

Today is a busy day! I have shipping to do, glazing, and I committed to two tutorials for Ornament Thursday...that's today! I also have my hands in some clay and beads for other projects. Just pile it on, who needs sleep?

Later today on the blog, I will do a tutorial for making the scent cookie ornament shown above. I think I even want to do a fancy beaded ribbon for it, but I am not making any promises there. I will focus on the clay first, since my Queen Ornament last week was so popular. Thank you all for visiting the blog to see it and leave comments. Check back later for the new ornament tutorial!

While you wait, please check out all these blogs for their ornament projects:

Also, please check out my other ornament tutorial on Art Bead Scene today too. We will have TWO ornaments on that blog today!

If I have missed your link, please let me know and I will be sure to update it!


  1. Stated simply, and simply beautiful. It's great!

  2. Sleep is highly overrated.

    Fabulous as always!

    Looking forward to seeing more.


  3. An ornament that smells good? You have thought of everything! Good luck getting it all done.

  4. I love your scent ornaments. I can't wait to read the tutorial!

  5. Why oh why isn't my screen scratch and sniff?!? Melanie, your work is awesome!

  6. Oh YUMMY! And so sweet, too! :-) H.

  7. Love the motif! (and scented really IS a plus!)

  8. Melanie,

    After every visit to your blog, my hands are itching to play with clay! I love the look of these! Thanks so much for the tutorial!


  9. Now I want to go back to doing ceramics - these are so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing - Debba

  10. Love the step by step...and the finished results!!!

  11. Thank you all for dropping by and commenting! If you haven't seen it, the full tutorial is up on the blog now.

    I really appreciate all your kind words!