December 24, 2007

Oi to the world and everybody wins!

But then Haji saw the north star shining more then ever
So he made a tourniquet from his turban saving Trevor
They repelled down the roof with the rest of the turban
and went back to the pub where they bought each other bourbon

Happy Christmas Eve all! I am still working this morning because it makes me happy and also I am not feeling very well. Nothing major, just the monthlies. Wouldn't be Christmas without them *rolls eyes*. Seriously, I cannot remember a holiday that was any different, I have been stuck on this unfortunate cycle for at least a decade *sigh*. Anyway, Chuck is still asleep and I am hanging out working on this and that on the computer. When he wakes up we will plan our attack in the kitchen. There are cheese rolls to prep for tomorrow (kinda like lasagna but rolled up) and I have pizza dough for the extra sauce and cheese for tonight. Never made it like this before so it should be an adventure. I have abandoned the gingerbread plan, I just don't have the energy to do all that work and decorate. But we may make mystery sugar cookies while we have the oven on. I have a recipe for sugar cookie drops and we have assorted peanuts and toffee bits and chocolate to mix in randomly. Honestly, though, there is always so much delicious sweets and we really don't need to, so I am not going to stress it...

Today's song is quite possibly my favorite Christmas song. Favorite one with Lyrics lets say...because Vince Giraldi and the Peanuts songs are probably even more loved. This is old school No Doubt when they were ska like and punky with "Oi to the World", a cover by punk band the Vandals. It's a great story of two rival punks fighting on Christmas, but in the end feelign the spirit (just before killing each other) and joining together in the Christmas spirit.



  1. Merry Christmas Eve!! I am on the same schedule...monthly drag!!...won't stop me from baking Santa cookies (ours have to be the Hershey's Kiss variety!)...although our Santa has requested Mike&Ikes and Mt. Dew!!! Love the starry star!

  2. Katarinasmama,
    I hope your cookies turned out good! Our cooking and baking is almost done. I did make the mystery cookies, and they are yummy!

    Mike& Ikes and Mt Dew, eh? I guess Santa knows what he needs to keep him moving all night long!

    Have a good night!

  3. Hubby is a sports fanatic Mt. Dew is part of his blood stream!!! The Mike and Ikes are just pure prefer chocolate!!!

  4. Hi. I tumble upon your work luckly on internet. They look so beautiful. How big are your safety pins? I love buy one of them!

  5. boogey,
    Thanks for stopping by. The safety pins are about 2.5 inches long and I have some on my Etsy site.