December 19, 2007

New beads-ish, very accent-y!

So I guess my holiday vacation has kind of started. I didn't plan it, but I think I am just tired out and need the break. So last night, I made a yummy dinner, ate, and then vegged out for 3.5 hours playing We Love Katamari on Playstation. I will describe the wonder of Katamari below, of you are unfamiliar. This morning I did catch up on some work: brainstorming a new project with a group of creative ladies, taking pictures and working on a few requested website updates. See the new accent pairs above? They can be found here on the Accents page. I am also working on some mini, linky/charmy pairs for that need to go up, so keep an eye on the Linky page too. Later today I will be working on my ornaments for Ornament Thursday. I have two again, one for here and one for Art Bead Scene. After that, I think I am going to put a lot of my work away and focus on the holiday. There is much cleaning, cooking, baking, and visiting to do...

Ok, onto the joy that is Katamari Damacy... This has got to be my favorite video game of all time. It is almost impossible to describe. You are a little guy, the Prince of all Cosmos to be exact, and you have this ball, which you roll around and things stick to it. The more things you get to stick, the bigger it gets. So you can start with thumbtacks and erasers and move onto food like apples and fish and then onto small animals like frogs and cats and dogs. By the end you are rolling up small children, then adults, then big animals like elephants, and cars and buildings, and mountains! Its crazy! And it is sort of non violent...I mean, people are running and screaming from you but it is so unrealistic and strange. There is no blood at least. And the people are still alive and kicking in the Katamari Ball, I guess. Its just really cool looking and strange and funny. And the language parts are really funny. A bit of engrish mixed with a bit of just absurdity...there is an underlying storyline and very odd symbols featured throughout. Like a ton of traditional and contemporary Japanese symbols, plus for some reason a fascination with the Pompadour hairstyle and the use of phrases like, "it's so snacks-ish!".

I found this bit on you tube of the We Love Katamari gingerbread house board. I played this board a few dozen times last night, the goal is to destroy the gingerbread house and pick up all the cookies and candy in the Katamari ball. Its yummy! I only got to 98% though... I warn you though, it is quite a visual, very blinky and fast and possibly seizure inducing. Not really. But maybe.


  1. Hiya!
    This looks like a fun game. I love video games! I had an XBox at one time though and when I play too much I get all frustrated and evil so I sold it.
    This looks like something I can handle though. "HONEY!!! Can I get a playstation!??"
    And said husband Rolls His Eyes.

  2. oh my goodness, so much fun!

    Last night I got to a really advanced level. It is 17 minutes long and you start out rolling small animals and people and it ended up rolling the worlds famous monuments and buildings! Like the White House and Taj Mahal. SO crazy!

    Yeah its one of those games that I can enjoy and not get too mad at. I like to just wantch the pretties mostly.