December 14, 2007

My true love gave to me...

Last night I was pretty sleepy and just sort of lazily gathered some beads and fussed around with them as I watched television. I have been working really hard, so the break was welcomed. I had in my head to fancy my Scent Cookie Pear ornament up into a Partridge in a Pear Tree ornament. So I got a pear charm, a bird charm, some glass leaves, silk ribbon, waxed linen, seed beads, and this neat wrapped wire I found in the floral supply section of the art supply store. I wanted it to be really twiggy looking, and tree like with leaves dangling around. I think this would be cute on a Christmas tree, but it is also kind of summery with the colors. If you added a little bit of pear scent oil to the ornament, it would smell really good!

Gotta keep it short today. I am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, so I would like to get things ready to ship out today before something else unexpected happens. It's been a crazy few weeks!

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