December 3, 2007

Laying on the grass my heart it flares like fire...

So, YAY! The Potter's Market is done for another year. I am glad it is over, honestly, there is such a build up of energy, optimism, and clay needed to get through it. Whew! Now I am left with a messy house, a ton of work that has been neglected in the past week, and a pile of unsold pottery, tile, and jewelry that needs to be either stored away, given away, or sold another way. I am thinking of starting an Etsy shop for just the tile, something separate from my regular shop. Tile and beads together get confusing, I have found. Well, perhaps later in the week I can think about that more.

Today, I am skillfully avoiding writing two articles that are due very, very soon. Like, I should be shipping them off tomorrow. It is exceedingly difficult to concentrate today! It doesn't help that it is frigidly freezing out, and these pieces are warm and summery. Its is confusing! My feet feel like icicles, yet I am supposed to be thinking of summery beaches and skies.

To help me along in my inspiration is today's song of the day, "Grass" by XTC. The album it is from, Skylarking, sounds like summer to me. Mostly because of this song and "Summer's Cauldron"

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