December 9, 2007

I should have Gnome...

Above, a few random experiments. I think they are Christmassy, eh? A red cardinal and a gnome experiment that I did without reference. He's cute and looks Elf/Santa-like but I think he is missing fuzzy white eyebrows. Anyway, I am listing them on Etsy after I post here, along with a few other random things.

So I don't know, somehow yesterday I ended up glazing instead of playing. I think I realized I wouldn't be able to glaze today because I am going to my parents' house, so I wanted to get it done. So its done. Took all day too, I had more than I thought. I also sanded the 30 ornaments I made, which took a little longer than expected. Perhaps switching from porcelain to white stoneware like I did was not a good idea. They were kind of grainy and hard to sand. I will have to see how they turn out. Tomorrow will be a major shipping day so it is good to have a lot done. I have a mountain of invoices to enter in Quickbooks, so blah. Today I will play for a bit though, to make up for my lack of play yesterday.
One exciting thing in the kiln is two bisque molds I made for my cookieman charm. I usually make them by hand but there were getting difficult to make in the quantity I need, so I made a mold. Plus I made a little friend for him, a Cookiegirl! So I am excited to get the molds out and try them. It's always fun when there is something new waiting in the kiln.

I am off to it then. Enjoy your Sunday, all..

Ok, I just found a funny by video googling "Garden Gnome". This one is for you Charlie, lol! We need a Garden Gnome Chomsky for our garden too, don't you think?


  1. As I unwrapped the last of the message sticks I ordered from you...I found my little extra surprise!!...thank you so totally made my day!! I love your work and have recommended you to a bunch of my creative sparkly friends...Love the ornaments...the snowman bead...and oh my gosh the gnome!!! Keep those creative sparks flying!!

  2. Oh, thank you so much for your kind words! Sometimes those little surprises find you just when you need them, you know?