December 11, 2007

Chilly Hands?

Wow, yesterday was busy. I had my shipping issues, but worked through them and was able to ship 14 packages! YAY! I always feel a great sense of relief when I drop my packages off at the post office. After that, I did some craft supply shopping, grocery shopping, and even a little christmas shopping! I dropped by Catching Fireflies, like i do every christmas, and I always find some great gifts for my mom and the other ladies on my holiday list. So yay! I came home and did some glazing and loaded a kiln, with some orders and stuff needed for press submissions. I was TIRED after all that. Ate some dinner and conked out on the couch watching trash tv.

So above is a cute free project I wrote for Art Bead Scene, some beaded mitten clips. I have them on my coat now. I tend to lose mittens and gloves, like a little kid, so I thought they would be a good idea to have. I also added some parts, buttons, and beads used to make them to my Etsy Shop

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