December 26, 2007

I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer...

So today we are going to meet with the Art Geeks, who are a group of illustrators that we know from our friends Vinod and Emily (also two illustrators). Unfortunately V&E will not be there, and they will be sorely missed, but asked that we all meet anyway. So we are off on a little drive to Ann Arbor, to our favorite restaurant Sevas. My brother is coming too. He is an Art Geek, so he will fit in. We will all have a lovely meal and the three of us will probably go out on our own to shop around town and see what's up. And speaking of "driving" hopefully my brother will do this, as our STUPID kia is screwy again and the check engine light is on for no apparent reason. again.
I have been playing with these amazing Vintaj findings lately. I adore them, they are perfect with my pieces I think. I have some elaborate pieces that I have been working on as magazine article submissions, and other things. But I thought I might make some simpler pendants to sell on Etsy for beaders to use. Or they can just go on a chain or a cord even. I just thought people might like them and they wouldn't have to do the filigree wrap part, which is not hard, it just takes some practice, and I am getting quicker and more proficient the more I do...

The song driving around in my brain today is "Drive" by Incubus. This is a new band for me, I like the newer song "Dig" which I played recently on the blog. I really only know these two songs but I want to know more. I kinda hate the band name and also kinda wish Incubus guy would put a shirt on sometimes, but they have some really nice lyrics and I like the sound.

"Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear

And I can't help but ask myself

how much I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer...

But lately I'm beginning to find that when I drive myself my light is found...."



  1. Years ago, when Incubus was really big and I had hair, Japanese girls would go to my then online journal and ask me if I was the lead singer.

    I don't really see it, myself.

  2. LOL! That's hilarious! I don't know if I see it... maybe a little. That guy is so pastey and I am trying to imagine you with a shaggy mop like his. It's not quite working for me. But thats funny!

    Happy New Year, Andrew!