December 30, 2007

Hunting for Witches...

Kind of a picture heavy, but quick post today. This morning, I slept in a bit and did my Art Bead Scene thing and photographed some beads for the Etsy shop, shown here. I realized that I didn't have any more fairy beads on Etsy, so I bundled up the ones I had in stock with some matching accents and charms and links and listed them.

I have been doing these fairies for so long, they are one of my staples. And I am not sick of them, I still love them. But they sort of ebb and flow in popularity and I usually only make them for orders. You know, I haven't even used them for a project submission for a magazine ever, at least not the classic fairies. I should work on that this year. Later this afternoon, I will be playing with some project ideas, as there are a few deadlines fast approaching. I am excited to play!

It is sort of fun rooting through my inventory, finding sets of beads that I think would be good together, hunting for the perfect set. That's something I miss from doing less shows, watching and helping people pick out little bundles of goodies and seeing a piece of jewelry come together.

Last night we were watching TV and Austin City Limits was on. We just stumbled upon it. There was a band called Bloc Party that caught our interest. I am hungry for new music still. I kind of always am. Anyway, I liked them and wondered how their studio tracks sounded. Sometimes that can really vary from the live material. I checked out their website and liked the little bit I heard. Here is one song, it is about fear, which has been a theme around here for me lately. It is called "Hunting for Witches". It is a social commentary on fear in a post 9-11 world.

Lyrics from the Band's official site

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