December 21, 2007

How can you say that I'm too old when the angels have stolen my red shoes?

Below, the Ornament I did for Ornament Thursday on Art Bead Scene. I called her Party Pixie. I kinda really love the red ladybug shoes. It's a tribute to one of my favorites songs. You probably know the one...
Whoopsie! It's already dinner time and I totally forgot to blog today. It's been kinda crazy, I had writing stuff and photography to do this morning for my last big Art Bead Scene post of the year tomorrow. Then some shipping and stringing and random giftmaking and cleaning stuff. Totally just haphazardly running around without a list, maybe that's why I feel so out of sorts. And the parties and get togethers start tomorrow, so I am a little panicky. We went for a walk with Zoey which started to calm me down, but then we went to the grocery store which made me anxious again. Now we are settled home and I am going to clean a little while we listen to a cd I just found in the Faerie Con pile that I didn't listen to. It's very Celticy which is cool because of the Solstice and all and is quite calming.

In stark contrast to the calming Faerie music, the song today is Elvis Costello with "The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes". Oh how funny, its old! I was only 4 years old when this was on, I think it is from Top of the Pops. Look how poorly Elvis is lipsyncing. He probably hated that, lol!


  1. Love Elvis...I had almost forgotten the song...I haven't logged on in a while...and oh my! you've been so busy!! Love the Vintaj look with your art...and the ornament...well, it's just...perfect...I think I need to start thinking about Christmas in I can start all the crafting ideas and actually complete them in time! Onto making rum balls for me...merry, merry!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I have been busy! I have never done so much this late in the season, but I think keeping busy keeps me focussed and chases the holiday blues away. I struggle with that, so I guess work is good...

    Oh and thanks I love the Vintaj findings too and look forward to doing more with them!

    Toss a rum ball over here! They sound yummy!