December 16, 2007

Holiday Giveaway!

I have a special Holiday Giveaway contest up on my site right now! You could win one of these three bead sets! Just go to the secret Holiday Giveaway page and sign up for my mailing list. Tell me which of these three bead sets is your favorite and I will pick three random winners on January 1st!
Don't worry, I don't send a ton of email on my mailing list. Usually one, maybe two emails a month. But they are full of fun ideas, links, new press and show announcements, and special deals. Its a great way to keep up with what I am working on with Earthenwood Studio!
Today my goal is, first of all...keeping warm!...we got a bunch of snow last night *shiver*. And secondly, figuring out how to use my Gift Certificate option. A potential customer kindly asked for one yesterday and it dawned on me that I never set up that option. Duh! Way to wait until the last minute. SO hopefully tomorrow I will have that available, in case anyone is interested... If you are, send me an email and I will let you know when it is ready!


  1. I like the blue set the best but am unable to enter your contest. My computer says there is no such page or can not find it. HELP! Please enter me in the contest.
    Valerie Cline

  2. oh no! I emailed you...

    anyone else have a problem?

  3. Signed up....tough decision pick a favorite, but I eliminated the wicked love one as my daughters would steal it from me if I won it.
    All your stuff is great.

  4. LOL! Yeah you want to win these for YOU! good luck!