December 1, 2007

Holiday beadies and ornament goodness...

I'm cheating and writing this post Friday night to post for Saturday. Tomorrow will be the big market day, I have to work the full day. Today was good and busy and even though it was only 3 hours of working for me, I am tired! I think I am going to chill tonight. I can't quite tell how I am doing at the show, but my stock seems to be lightening, so that's good. I made some cute, simple bracelets with the beads above, using memory wire and black velour rubber tubing, and they are almost gone. I am glad I took some pictures of the beads before I strung them up. I hope to do more work in this sort of style again. They are handmade, with no molds, and I love the freshness of them. They are kind of difficult to glaze, but I love the effect.

Today I was inspired by the Ornament Thursday idea that some of my crafty blogging friends have come up with. You can see some on Candie Cooper's blog, and she has links to others. I would like to participate next week, but I have to think of what to do... Maybe I can do the ornaments that I made the rubber stamps for a few weeks ago. I received them but have had no time to make any! Another idea is to use the Scent Cookie ornaments I make and embellish them in an extra special way. I will have to dream on it tonight, I think...

Have a great weekend, all!


  1. Those beads are super-cute... I'm not surprised that the bracelets sold like hotcakes!

    Hope today goes great :)

  2. I love these - I would nab the knitting and coffee beads in a heartbeat!

  3. The coffee bracelet is long gone. That was one of my favorites, I need to make more. I think I still have the knitting one though. I will have to check...