December 26, 2007

Here you go way too fast, don't slow down you're gonna crash

Well Christmas was lovely! Chuck and Zo and I had a nice long visit with my parents and brother. We all opened way too many presents. I got some great stuff: some new music (Killers and MIA) some old movies (mostly fantasy ones from the 80's like Neverending Story, Willow, Labyrinth, Legend...most of these were for Chuck but we will watch them together) I also got some great books: the new World of Froud book full of fairies and such creatures, and the box set of Spiderwyck. awesome! I also got some cute socks and the cutest brown suede-y like boots with bright hippie flowers embroidered on them! I also got a pillow speaker so I can listen to my Ipod in bed without headphones. cool!

And we ate too much food. Why is everything at the holidays made with delicious sour cream, chocolate, or cream cheese? I have had way too much dairy and sugar and fat in the past few days, and I am starting to crash. Lately I feel like I am walking around in a daze of sugary treats. Oh, we got the new Simpsons game too, which I played for a bit, and the first intro level is Homer walking around a happy candy, gingerbread land, beating up chocolate bunnies. So funny!

Today is a day of partial rest. I have some orders from the last week to get shipped, so I am slowly getting those together. I also want to glaze today so I can get more orders out tomorrow. I find if I slow down too much right after the holiday, it is hard to get back up and running. So its a good thing to have these tasks to keep me going. There are still events planned for all this week, so I gotta squeeze this work in when I can. It will be good to see friends from out of town that we rarely get to see.

Today's song is "Crash" by the Primitives. Do you remember it? It was from 88. My first year of High School, I believe. I can't remember if it was a popular song of if it was one of those things we found on 120 minutes. Its hard to tell, but I remember all my friends and I would drive around with it on the stereo really loud.


  1. Hey - Happy Boxing Day! Glad to hear that you had a nice Christmas. Just out of curiosity - how do pillow speakers work? Do you like yours? (The husband has a birthday coming up and he has an iPod, so I thought I'd ask...)

  2. Hello! Ah, yes, Boxing day! I forgot abut that. Off to Wikipedia...

    My speaker pillow is pretty simple and small and bright pink. It's kinda comfy, I used it last night, but I wish it had a little pocket to put the ipod into on one side. I am sure there are all kinds. I ended up setting it beside my pillow and not putting my ear right on the speaker, so I could put it louder. I fell asleep to it, so that's what I wanted. Definitely look for a comfy pillow with some sort of pocket.

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Melanie, glad you had a great Christmas. Just stopped by your blog and wanted to say it is one of the gems out there. Thank you for the great posts and ideas.

  4. Thank you for stopping by! And thanks for the compliment. I feel so sparkly now!