January 2, 2008

Got to get you somewhere warm...so you get me all alone...

Brr, its cold! My feet are frozen! I have lots to do today, much shipping to do and groceries to get. I have healthy things on my mind because of the new year and resolutions and all that stuff. I am going to make sure to get a lot of soup stuff, because that seems to be all I want lately, I am so cold!

Above, one of my favorite pendants of this new series using Vintaj findings. That one was hard to do because it was a really cool butterfly shape, and I felt like I was ruining it by bending it. And I didn't know how the unusual shape would work as a wrap. But I love it, it looks like really ornate East Indian costuming. I called this one Dharma Goddess Pendant. And this imagery is perfect for what I am thinking about and listening to lately.... One of my good friends named their cat Dharma, its a pretty name. Here are some kitty pixie beads that remind me of her that I just dug up from my collection and listed on Etsy. They are on hiatus from the website for a while. They are a little finicky to make, isn't that just like a cat? So I am taking a break from them, maybe I will return someday.

My brother came over last night and we had dinner and played video games for the evening and chatted. I think I will have him addicted to Katamari! He has my old game back in Philly. So he returns to Philly soon and it was good to see him, since it might be a while before I see him again...

Speaking of the brother...for Christmas he gave me the Kala CD by M.I.A. Just like the last CD, Arular, I had a hard time settling into it. It is very jarring and noisy to me when I first hear it, and I cannot even listen to the whole thing at first, but I keep on it a little at a time. And at this point, I am addicted to it, and its all I want to listen to. It's really amazing, and full of sounds and rhythms and backstories. I have to go an look up all the songs to see what they are about.

So today's song is M.I.A's "Jimmy". It is not my favorite song on the CD, but I like the story behind it, which is layered. First, the music and melody is taken from a song she used to perform as a child, it is from a popular Bollywood movie. I am absolutely fascinated by Bollywood, I love the sound of the music and singing, even though I greatly dislike American musicals and movies that are so melodramatic. So to this old Bollywood song, she added new lyrics, and those are about some journalist guy hitting on her, and wanting to take her on a genocide tour that he was covering. How romantic? A lot of the album has to do with Indian issues and culture and world issues like immigration, although it is hard to get that from a casual listen.


About the song, from Wikipedia


  1. That is so funny about your "They are a little finicky to make" comment! I have the same problem with my kitty pendant!

  2. hmmm, I can't remember a kitty pendant of yours...is it new. Off to look for it...