December 23, 2007

Every scratch, every click, every heartbeat

Every breath that I bless I'd be lost, I confess

Forty Five The party last night was fun, not the usual maddening blow out that these hosts usually have, probably die to their recent housewarming party about a month ago. Fine by me, actually, the smaller the better. I was sad to hear upon arriving though, that our dear friends from Chicago were not going to be there because of a death in the family, so they are deep in my thoughts today. I had so looked forward to seeing them. *hugs* if you are reading, my friend.

This group of people is filled with musicians and music lovers, many of whom are in the industry. It was really fun to talk with them about music, because as you may know I am really inspired by music and have been thinking about that a lot lately. We spoke with one couple who started a small record company this year. An actual vinyl record company! How cool. Also there was much talk about the good old days of music videos and how people like me who first started listening to pop music in the 80s really link music and videos. It was neat to find out that I am not the only one who misses that and who tivo's late night videos too.

So I got to thinking about the first music I bought on my own. I distinctly remember my first cassette being Culture Club's Kissing to be Clever. Wow Boy George was so awesome, had a great voice, and such great style! I think my first vinyl was purchased for me a bit earlier, on my request. I believe it was Michael Jackson's Thriller, which I hear is getting re-mixed and re-released soon for an anniversary. That could be cool, it was a great album. The other vinyl I remember loving and wearing down was Duran Duran's Rio. I bought a lot of vinyl, as my grandparents lived near a great used record shop, Car City Records, and I could get used ones cheap. Ah those days of digging through old records brings back memories...the smell of dirty record shops, the crazy loud music playing, bringing home a big pile of new music for $20 allowance. Good stuff!

Today's song is Elvis Costello for the third day in a row...this one more recent. The song is 45, and I have heard he wrote it on his 45th birthday, thinking about the year 1945 and his collection of vinyl 45s. Sort of a retrospective of his life memories of music as both a connoisseur and a musician. So what was the first record/tape/cd you ever bought?


  1. hmmm....must be something by David Bowie...probably the too trendy "Let's Dance" which fortunately launched me into the rest of his catalogue...golden years...

  2. Well, I must confess, I had an 8-track tape player when I was a child. Fittingly, I played the soundtrack from Grease and, umm, Andy Gibb on it. (Don't say I don't tell all, no matter how embarrassing.)

    Your entry is timely for me, as I just mentioned to my husband that we should get one of those new turntables (my old one pooped out about 10 years ago) that allows you to port your old vinyl over to MP3. I have a lot of stuff I'd like to listen to from my youth from Fine Young Cannibals to Pete Townsend ("All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes" is a favorite) to Nik Kershaw - I have catholic tastes - that have just been sitting around gathering dust.

  3. katarinasmama,
    oh Bowie! that's good. You know, I don't think I have ever owned any Bowie proper, and I am amazed by that. And it's true, I think Lets Dance was my gateway to Ziggy Stardust, of which I do remember owning one cassette. Good stuff!

    Ah yes, my parents had an 8 track too, I forgot! I don't qualify that as my music because I was too young to really listen, but we did have the Sat Nite Fever soundtrack, naturally. Strangely enough, we also had a KISS 8 track. I had a Gene Simmons doll (man, I wish I still had that!) too. I think I just liked the whole costume/make-up schtick. I cannot explain it otherwise, and I don't remember any of the songs, but I do remember putting that 8track in and bouncing around to it.

    Wasn't until I got my own little cassette tape player that music began to be "mine" you know?