December 17, 2007

Dig me up from under what is covering the better part of me...

Today, on Art Bead Scene, you can find my free project for the SnowGuy necklace, made from beads shown above. He sure is jolly! I will also be listing some of these bead sets on Etsy soon. It's getting too late to ship for Christmas at this point, as I am shipping my last "must have before the holiday" orders today, but I will continue shipping with no promises of guaranteed arrival. So if you are feeling lucky...

I'll tell you , I need a little jolly smiling snow guy cheering me up today. We got dumped with a ton of snow. I haven't been outside in a couple of days...its too cold! Here is the view from my computer window. Not much to see, just our crummy garage and lots of snow. You can see our wooden bird thing though. This one is a newer version of one we had when I was a kid. We called the old one Raisin Bran. I named it when I was really little, probably while eating breakfast, you think? My grandpa made it and I always loved it. This newer one is named Oatio, in the tradition of naming weird wooden bird lawn ornament things after cereal, I guess. I think of Grandma and Grandpa everytime I see it. Chuck put it right outside my window and hooked up a seed feeder to it, so the birds will come. My grandparents loved watching birds. Yesterday I was pretty bummed. The project that I had worked on that I mentioned vaguely a few days ago has turned from not just "not happening" to downright unpleasant. I am sorry, I cannot mention specifics here, and that's for the best, but I am terribly disappointed with how things have gone down and I am beating myself up about it a little. Sometimes I am way too trusting and optimistic with undue reason and when things fail, my hopes are crushed. It takes a little while for me to dig myself up from under the hurt and disappointment. Yesterday I was feeling like I was buried underneath all that snow. But my dear hubby helped talk me up from it and so did my great group of friends, who are always there for me in the click of an email. I appreciate you all and thanks for helping me through this hard time. Actually I am glad it is happening now, I want to get over it before New Year's Day (I am sentimental that way, I guess) and look ahead to some new projects, the first signs of which are already starting to show. I will share more soon...

Today's song is "Dig" by Incubus. I love this song and this video. It gets me every time...



  1. I am sorry you are feeling down today. I agree with you - as symbolic and sentimental as it may seem, starting the new year always seems like a new beginning. Hopefully, we won't have another big snow dump for a while and we'll be able to shake all of this off! Take care.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment... I had a couple similar things happen to me this year, and it can be hard not to get bogged down by them :/

    I hope that it helps to think about the things that you've done this year which have succeeded! I for one have really enjoyed all the work you've put into Art Bead Scene, and I LOVED the Collaboration Exploration! :)

  3. AJ, thanks. It is hard to move on when you are disappointed.

    And I agree, that is a great perspective to have. I have met so many great new friends this year and ABS has been wonderful for me, both creatively and professionally, so I am grateful.