December 31, 2007

because I am a queen...

Ok, I don't usually go around proclaiming myself Queen of things, but I was presented with this lovely award by my dear friend Jean Yates, so I accept the title of Porcelain Queen for today at least. Isn't that sweet of her?

I have still been making these fancy filigree face pendants with Vintaj findings. But am just about at the end now until I restock on supplies. Oh how I love working with these! They remind me of the metal work I used to do, but without the sanding and buffing and dirty mess. I am staying on top of the pendants I have already made though, and I listed these in the Etsy Shop this morning.
So it's New Year's Eve! It is kind of a special day for me, in terms of being a clay queen too, because it is the anniversary of the Beads of Clay Yahoo Group... four years ago today we started it. At that time, I was longing for a community of fellow clay bead makers. Glass and Polymer were really popular for beads and they all had guilds and forums and groups, but fired clay beads didn't really have anything. So Andi (of Mystic Spiral) and I started the group and asked everyone we could find who made ceramic beads to join, not really knowing what we wanted to accomplish, but wanting to network. In the four years since then, the group has grown to 775 members and has expanded and inspired other projects and groups. Last Spring, I designed the public site,, of which I am really proud. Today, I have very little time and energy to spend on the Beads of Clay projects. It is a little bittersweet, as it feels like I have lost touch a bit with a community that was so important for me at one time. And other members have moved on and expanded the community in ways I could not have done myself. I have had to step away from that and let things grow the way they needed to without my influence. In the end, I am happy that I had a hand in forming such a community and teaching and sharing the things I know. No New Year's plans for me tonight, I am partied out. I just want to make beads and sit with the dog and Chuck and eat finger foods and watch the ball drop. Zoey gets a little nervous from the fireworks which are bound to happen...nothing serious, she just likes to snuggle and have someone hold her paw and tell her its ok. So it's just a night at home, with my imaginary queen crown on (note to self... I need to make a real crown for occassions like this)

Today's song is "Video" by India Arie. I love this song, it's such a testament to self acceptance. I thought of it when Jean gave me the award last night. It reminds me of her too, because even through all she has to do, with her extremely busy home life and the challenges of her jewelry designing business, she is always there to say nice things to others and lift them up when they are down. She amazes me! Oh, and her book "Links" is out on Amazon...go buy it! I did yesterday. I can't wait to get it! Ok, onto India..Sing it Girl:



  1. I am honored! Thank you for the cool song! you know the BEST songs!!!

    jean xox

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Thanks! And thanks again for the super cool award! Happy New Year!

  3. Hi there
    I arrived through Gaea's blog..Glad I did, your workk is awesome!I will link you too as I want you handy!!!
    We celebrated New Years the same as you.. Nice quiet evening at home watching all the celebrations.. and a hot game of scrabble!! woo hoo!
    Happy New Year....
    in snow covered Ontario, Canada!

  4. Maggie,
    Welcome! I love Gaea and her beads! We are like soul sisters, I have known her for quite some time now...

    ooh, its cold here too in Detroit, we got snow last night. We come out to Ontario once a year to Stratford for our Shakespeare vacation!

    stay warm!