December 5, 2007

12 days of Free Projects!

To celebrate the countdown to Christmas, we are doing 12 days of quick projects with art beads over on Art Bead Scene. We kicked it off today with my project, the Charmed Scarf Pin. It's really easy and quick, and a great way to use odd beads and charms. It is perfect for winter because it can go on those big chunky knit scarves, sweaters, coats and shawls. It was a fun project for me to design, because I wanted to use beads from all the editors of ABS, mixed with my own beads. I made one to match one of each of my favorite scarves, which are shown in the pictures. The pins and supplies are listed for sale in my Etsy Shop. Check back everyday for a new fun project!

Yesterday was very productive. I finished my articles and shipped them off, along with an order. I did some emailing and paperwork. I sanded some beads and fired a bisque, and I took some process pictures for a secret project I have coming up. By the end of the day I was pretty tired, so I didn't make beads. Instead I peeled potters market price tags off of my inventory so it can be ready to present it to where-ever it will go next.

Today I am off to the fabulous Naka in Ferndale to show some earrings and jewelry to the owner. After that I am dying to cross the street to the Pinwheel Bakery to grab some of her handcrafted marshmellows, yum! I have a giant list of things to tackle after that, so I better get moving and get organized...

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