November 23, 2007

Would you roll the young lady down to the juicing room at once, please?

*bleh* Does anyone else feel like a huge bloated blueberry, like Violet Beauregard from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory? I sure do. I was ok until I dug into a small plate of leftovers right before bed last night. *burp* I had crazy, gurgly belly dreams too. In one of them, I was carrying a cow head to a butcher shop to trade it in for head cheese. What?!? I don't even eat red meat. And what the heck is head cheese? *yuck* And I know I am going to hit the leftovers again for lunch. That will probably be the end of them, once Chuck and I split them, thankfully. *belch*

All righty then. Not much to talk about. It was a lovely day spent with family yesterday. It was not entirely bead free...I did play with some things in the morning and in the evening. Fun stuff for an Art Bead Scene project for next month. Today will be the Day of Glazing Buttons. I have many to do. I am caught up on wet work for orders right now, and I decided wet work for next week's show is over. So tonight will probably be spend labelling and packaging for the show. This show is unusual for me because everything needs to be labelled with a special set of labels, since there is a communal central check out. It is extra work and needs to be done precisely for things to run smoothly. This show never ceases to amaze me how well it runs, considering the complexity of it all.

Ok, here is the blueberry inflation scene from The Chocolate Factory. The original of course. Sorry, but even though I love Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, the new version was not impressive to me _at_all_. Gotta love Gene Wilder...


  1. i adore the pie beads - i did not see them on etsy - can i get a couple of sets?

  2. Hi there! The pies are available on my website:

    Right now I only have 2 lemons and 2 limes in stock, but I can make more for you!