November 6, 2007

With a bit of rock music, everything is fine...

*see that girl*
Check me out! I really jumped on my new project last night! The picture above is two sheets of black and white art which will become rubber stamps which will become my new ornaments. Chuck pointed out to me that I am way late in starting this project, and I fully realize it. I am not going to pressure myself to get these done before the Potters Market, even though that was my intention, and he is totally right. There is just not enough time. But it was a good idea and I have been working so hard lately and dang it, I wanted to play with it. So it took out a few hours spent drawing, it was totally worth it. I have so many ideas for Queens of the... But I could only do 2 sheets for now. I am really enjoying using pen and pencil as a tool, instead of my normal clay tools. I am really finding that my obsession with anime and toys and other Kawaii things is coming through in my work. First, 3 dimensionally in the Spooky Heads, and now in my drawing style. I may want to work on my drawings in the future, and find a way to incorporate them into my work more.

*watch that scene*
So most of you that read this probably know I write for Art Bead Scene too. Oh look, my Faerie Con post was posted today. yay! Anyway, We have a new challenge there this month, it is Coffee Haus. There is a great prize, some lampworked beads by the talented Lezlie Belanger of Canterbury Glass. I have these in my possession , and it is fun to be able to play with them for the month before they go out to the challenge winner.

*Diggin' the Dancing Queen*

Oh, yeah I am going there. I have had this song in my head since I drew the ballet slippers for the Queen of the Dance ornament. Here is a video for Abba's Dancing Queen set to random Anime Girls. I need to keep posting these anime clips and flooding my mind with them, I think it is really having a positive effect on my visual vocabulary...


  1. Those are going to ROCK!!! Maybe there are a few "Kings" out there too! I am constantly reminding myself that the men may want a fun treat too! But he can sometimes be the "Queen" too! : )

  2. These are so cute! I like "Queen of the Yarn", particularly. I can't wait to see the finished pieces.

  3. Gaea,
    Thanks! You know, you have a good point! I think I will make an extra stamp for KING and then I can make some custom ones if requested. that's the nice thing about the rubber stamps, I don't have to carve each one...and I am not good at freehand writing like you are with your super cute name pendants...

    Thanks, I decided on just Yarn instead of both knitting and crochet. I figured Yarn covered both.