November 2, 2007

Who can it be knocking at my door?

Above, the very adorable first elf fairy bead! It is my first male or at least androgynous fairy bead. The others are so girly! I don't know what took me so long, he's so cute. I think I need to make a couple more to make sure it is not a fluke, and then add him to the catalog.

I recently got a new book in the mail that I wanted to tell you about. I discovered it at Faerie Con, when the folks at Faerie Magazine showed me an article about it. The author has *discovered* various Fairy Doors around the city of Ann Arbor Michigan. He has left journals out near the doors and chronicles the fairy sightings of mostly children, who leave notes and drawings in the book. It is such a great project. The book is really well done, great for fairy lovers of all ages. In it, there are the actual pictures drawn by children, and the author's interpretations and clarified illustrations. It's really fun!

We make it out to Ann Arbor a few times a year. It's about an hour away, and we will sometimes go and take a trip to our favorite restaurant Seva's, and do some shopping and bumming around. Next time we go, I know where to look for the fairy doors! I am excited! Next week is my birthday (the 8th) and Chuck's too (the 10th) and we may take a trip out there to celebrate...

Read more about fairy doors and order the book directly from the author at Urban-Fairies

Today's song is "Who can it be now?" by Men at Work. I was 8 when this song came out, I remember the video distinctly. Men at Work were on MTV all the time! This must have been around the time I first discovered music, because it is one of the first songs I recall enjoying. Imagine such a band of musicians being popular now in pop music. Everything is so image focused now, forget about a group of funny looking Aussies who could really sing and play. Its pretty sad.


  1. Your new fairy bead is adorable... Yes!!! make more... I need one!!!
    BTW Your blog is soooooo interesting.... I must come more often
    Thanks for the ride :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! And for the compliments!

  3. Love the new elf - he's a little Puck-ish. I had a blog entry on these doors a while back, too. I'm dying to see them in person. Please take photos (I know there are plenty of photos on the Urban Fairy website, but still) if you go!!

  4. Yeah I will take pictures when we go. I may even leave a few gift offerings for them!