November 21, 2007

Snow? No!

When Chuck came to bed in the wee hours last night, he told me it was snowing. I was fast asleep though and even though I love the first snow, I couldn't get up to see. By morning it was only rain that has continued all morning. Bleh. But I did get see my first snow charms this morning. Well, kinda new, I reworked the mold from a vintage button. I think I will list these on Etsy.
Well, I don't have much to say today. I slept in and feel a bit groggy still. I have all these projects that are scattered about the house that need to be done, and I spent most of the morning waiting for the kiln to cool. I would love to get a batch of packages shipped off today so I can rest easier tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing my family and my brother and eating yummy food.
It is also one of those strange times when the seasons have crashed all around me, which is confusing. Of course I have all these holiday beads and projects around but I am also working on designing and writing articles for summer. It is hard to be inspired by shells and bright summery colors when my feet are frozen! I will have to muddle through...


  1. Just take a vacation to Tucson! Our daily highs are STILL in the 80s. Easy to think Summer designs when you're running around in Summer clothes!

  2. Wow, I don't think I could handle that! 80* is the hottest I ever like it to get in the summer. Our summers get hot though, and very humid.

    Bundled up here...searching for my hot coffee...

  3. 80 is my ideal temperature, but even I'm tired of this. I'm ready to break out all my cute Autumn clothes and drink cocoa, not run around in tanktops and drink lemonade!