November 14, 2007

Me Love Cookie!

Big pile of cookie ornaments for a recent order. Shipped off yesterday, whew!
A close up of a cookie ornament. These were a custom order for my friends at The Body Bakery. ooh, look, they are already up on their website! They sell the scentable ornament in a gift set with one of their deliciously scented fragrance oils. Seriously, if you like foodie and bakery scented bath and home products, check them out. I have tried a number of different products, and love them all! In particular, I have a vanilla cupcake deodorant that I love...I searched a long time to have bakery scented armpits! Yummy!

Well, I have a bit of a headache today. I slept in but that didn't help. I really think I am coming down with something. I have been using Airborne and trying to eat well, but I am sure it will catch up to me. One good thing is that last night I finished all the wet work on my sale orders. Today I have boring sanding to do and a bisque, and tomorrow I can glaze them up. I would like to get these out the door by the weekend so I can work on another big order I got yesterday and get some holiday work complete. I have new holiday bead prototypes cooling in the kiln right now, so I am extra excited to pop it open!

Today, a quick video with Cookie Monster telling us what Amor means. Sesame Street is so awesome, I especially love the old school ones from when I was a kid. What kind of cookies do YOU love most? I love spicy ones, like gingerbread, ginger snaps, and pffernuse...although I wouldn't turn my nose up at most (no nuts please, I am allergic!)


  1. Peanut Butter! Salty & Sweet! Sorry about the nut thing! Adorable ornament!

  2. thanks! mmmm...peanut butter cookies...I like them ok. My grandma used to make them, with the little fork marks. I can eat peanuts but not tree nuts.