November 5, 2007

Let them eat cake she says, just like Marie Antoinette...

It is funny how creativity works sometimes. I woke up today, thinking of all the things I have to do this week. Shipping today, kiln firing, article writing. And my mind shifted to the holiday show, and how I didn't plan any ornaments, and it is now November, and it is running late if I don't do something now. And then I got a great idea for some new Queen ornaments. I guess I am feeling a little sassy, because I am imagining all the other sassy ladies I know who declare themselves Queen of...whatever they are proficient at. So that quickly, I am onto another series of work. I drew up the queen crown above, started some nifty photoshopping, and now tonight I will be sketching some icons for the new ornaments. I will have them made into rubber stamps and press them into rolled out slabs of clay. Either s aimple brown clay with a stain or white with colorful glazes. I do have a lot of low fire white clay to use up. They will have various beads and ribbons hanging from them. I am excited! It is short notice though, so I have to get this out tomorrow if I want to get them made in time!

So here I go...I leave you with a Queen Song, Killer Queen, set to Digimon, because I haven't seen it in a while, and i like that sassy Mimi character!


  1. How fun! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Queen! Can't wait to see your new goodies!

  2. I have a bit of fondness for Queen. Chuck likes them, as he likes most of that kind of classic, rock opera sort of music. He has introduced me to it I guess.

    Thanks, I am excited to work on these tonight. I knew if i did some ornaments, they would be done with rubber stamps, I just didn't have a solid idea...

  3. It's so funny - I was going to leave a message on your blog about our titles earlier today, and then I got distracted. We're in sync!

  4. Love the crown! Hail the Bead Queen!


  5. Melissa,
    we are in sync!

    Oh you *know* the first one I did was Queen of the Beads...