November 20, 2007

In support of writers...

So I am thinking about the Writer's Guild Strike today. Honestly, I didn't know it was coming up until a few days before negotiations shut down. I learned about it from Jon Stewart. I know...way to be in the loop! But it doesn't seem to get any news coverage (I haven't seen any at least, but I don't get a newspaper and watch limited news) . Of course the corporations that own the networks wouldn't want the people to be informed about it. They just want us to be wondering where our shows are, and why are there all these reruns, and maybe not notice it. I guess I am feeling a little jaded today. Last night, another week started with no Jon or Stephen to end my night. And I was left to retreat to the bathroom to laugh myself sleepy with my copy of "I am America and so can you!" by Steven Colbert. Not a pleasant thought, eh?

So I decided to try to make something to show my support. Pencils are the symbol that the writers are using, and a lot of fans have decided to show their support by sending the CEO's of the networks boxes and boxes of pencils until they come to the table to negotiate a fair deal. It's called Pencils2MediaMoguls and it is being organized by a team of bloggers, writers, and fans. As a semi-starving artist myself, I have very little money to contribute on my own, but I listed 3 Pencil Pins in my Etsy Shop like the one shown above to try to raise some money. I am going to donate all the money made on these sales to the cause, and the buyer will get one of these cute pins to give to their favorite writer, teacher, or artist!

Here is a video with a quick breakdown of some of the issues behind the strike. Have a great day, all!

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