November 28, 2007

In a room with a window in the corner I found truth

And yesterday's earrings are completed! 124 pairs, all boxed and labelled and ready! sweet!

Seriously, today is big time crunch day, so this must be brief. I have tiles to glaze and fire, bracelets to make and tag, and I have to deal with the mountain of random ornaments too. I have no idea what is going on there. Lots to do, only a day and a half to do it. Tomorrow afternoon it will be all set up and I can get back to working on orders in the evenings. I swear, NO MORE potter's market work the rest of the week. I usually end up whipping some new things together the nights after the market and bringing them the next day but I cannot do it this year! This is my vow.

Ok, better get to it. Today's song is a video I saw on Nocturnal State last night. Couldn't find the actual video, but this concert footage is nice. It is from the Killer's New album Sawdust, which I am incredibly excited about! I asked Santa for it this year, but it will be so hard to wait a whole month to see if I have been a good enough girl, lol! SO this song, "Shadowplay" is a Joy Division cover. It's featured in a film about JD and Ian Curtis called Control. OMG, back in the 80's I never would have thought there would be a movie about Joy Division. It's crazy. I was a bit young for JD, and they were a little bit too dark for me, but I knew the history of the band, because I loved New Order. Anyway, it is all very exciting!

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