November 3, 2007

I'm in the phone booth, it's the one across the hall...

Above, new banner for new website page: Memento Mori. I have always wanted to do a line of beads called Memento Mori, which means "remember you are mortal" To me it translates into skulls and hearts and bones, a little macabre but in a fun, punky way. I have my wicked hearts, the new big punky heart pendants, and the heart flames in this category. I may add my day of the dead skulls there too, although I am not sure if they are better suited in with the Spookyheads. Maybe both! Oh, the decisions...

So we have bee really behind in the phone technology department. We have had a land line with voice mail, but also two cell phones mostly for emergency. The cell phones were pay as you go and were old refurbished models. So they have lasted a long time, but didn't have a lot of fun features. That's ok, we didn't really need them. But lately we have been looking at our phone bills and decided we were paying way too much for phone services we weren't using, so a switch was in order.

So my parents took us to the phone store yesterday and we discovered they could convert our land line to a cellphone, so I can keep the number we have had for like 8 years (the one on the website and all my invoices and ads) And now I have a sparkly new toy that I can make calls with, and send text messages, and take pictures, and all sorts of other fun stuff! I am amazed at all the things these phones do and I was tempted to get one that I could email with, but we decided it was plenty as is. The only drawback is that without the land line, we are a little concerned about 911 service and reliability. Oh, and I can't fax anymore. Plus it effects my credit card processing that I use for shows. I was thinking of switching anyway, to one that I can use online as well as shows, since my shows are rare now and I would rather have the ability to accept all cards online outside of Paypal. So I am considering ProPay (horror stories, anyone? Praises?)

Well, just a quick post today. We have a party to attend tonight, a rarity for us. So I want to get some work done before we leave. It might be a late night.

Today's song combines a little fun punkyness and the phone. I think it is my favorite Blondie song, "Hanging on the Telephone"


  1. Well, my in-laws have used only their cells and no land line for the past two years, and they've been just fine with it. As far as faxes go, can you use eFax or some service that will allow you to fax by email? Just a thought.

  2. I've used propay for several years and never had a problem. Good luck with all the changes.

  3. Melissa,
    Yeah so many people are switching to just cell phones! Yeah, you know, I don't even really use my fax. It's just when you *have* something and can't use it, its sort of a drag. I use it more as a copy machine anyways, lol!

    Thanks, I have really heard so many positive things about them. I am just waiting to hear a bad story...

  4. I love how your music choices flow with the blog! super fun!

  5. Gaea,
    Hey thanks! I keep on thinking I am going to run out of songs, but they just pop into my head effortlessly. This is really how i think much of the time...