November 11, 2007

Hiding in your room, we'd lay like dogs, and the phone would ring like a joke that's left unsaid...

Zoey the other day, covered by a towel because it had drizzled a little bit on her, hunkered down on my bead room floor, looking sad as can be, because it was almost dinner time. You can take the dog out of the shelter, but you can't take the shelter out of the dog, and she knows how to work that sad face. With bonus drippy nose!

Yesterday was pretty relaxed. The birthday boy wanted to sleep all afternoon, so that was my gift to him. We lounged around most of the day. In the evening I made dinner: Panko chicken with rice and veggies. For dessert we had the cupcakes from Pinwheel Bakery I got earlier in the day. YUM! Maybe even better than the cupcake were some handcrafted marshmallows from Pinwheel, which were divine! The owner said they were going to be making different flavors, but I got vanilla. So good!

Before dinner, I spent a little time beading, and managed to stub my toe when getting up somehow. I tore my big toenail pretty bad, I don't know how. And it had me freaked out the rest of the night. It doesn't hurt, and I don't think it broke skin, but it freaks me out! I think I am super sensitive about my fingernails and toenails. I hated having them cut as a kid, and I don't think I have ever had anyone give me a manicure. Certainly not a pedicure. That creeps me out! eek! I didn't' really realize it until last night...

Well, that's stupid, but it kinda put a damper on the rest of my evening. I ended up making a couple of prototypes for holiday jewelry that i really like, and then cleaning my bead desk so I can get to work today. Also, I watched a few episodes of a sickeningly sweet Anime called Princess Tutu, which was loosely based on Swan Lake and other fairy tales, but was pretty wacked out. It was a bit too high pitched whiny boy crazed pre-teen filled for me, so I think the 3 episodes were enough. It was pretty though, and I think anyone into ballet might like it.

Ok, well I am really full of randomness today. Not much to report obviously, and I seem to be having an allergy attack, so my head is kinda scattered from that. Today's song and video is Third Eye Blind's "Losing a Whole Year". I love 3EB, and will often listen to them all day long, all three albums that I own. But I don't think I have put them on my blog before. They are pretty angst filled and the songs are not so happy, so they don't usually relate directly to my life, but I enjoy them anyway. I like the opening two lines of this one, it reminds me of yesterday.

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