November 19, 2007

The Hardest Button to Button

Well I was very productive this weekend while I spent time away from the computer. I got all my wet work done, which was a great achievement. I rocked out all the buttons above in two nights. Plus I got my other orders done. YAY! And during the day I made some nice progress on my holiday show jewelry. I think I am done with necklaces at least. And the weekend wasn't even all work...we went out for two dog walks and visited a friend's holiday home show. Not too bad!

Of course I have to sand all those buttons, which is the absolute worst. They are made with cookie cutters, and the edges are a bit sharp, so I use a damp cloth to soften the edges of every single one. sigh. I have been using some tools that make production go faster, like some tiny coffee straws to make the holes, which is much easier and cleaner than using a pokey tool, for me. Also I have a special sanding board that I can use to give the backs a light sand if needed, and the dust drops right down in the tray. So much easier on my lungs. With the straws though, they barely need this back sanding, just the sides. I oil the cookie cutters so the clay is cleaner, but they still need sanding. I just don't see a way out of it...

I am still diligently listing a few things a day on Etsy. It is very satisfying to make a sale and have it right there ready to ship. Since I do everything from my site to order, that rarely happens, except in the case of kits, which I often have in stock. So I am going to continue to list things, mostly one of a kind, limited edition, and discontinued beads, but also some new holiday beads. I made the banner above with a lil snowman peeking out!

Enough babble today, I have some shipping to do and I think I will do some stringing or glazing. Its hard to decide what to do first! Today's song and video is The White Stripes, "The Hardest Button to Button" I am on the fence about the Stripes. I feel like I should like them because they are from Detroit. Everyone I know seems to like them. Sometimes they get a little too "feedbacky" to me, does that make any sense? And sometimes I listen to the lyrics, when I can understand them, and I ask, what on earth are you talking about Jack? hmmm... Anyway, I was thinking about this song as I made my hundreds of buttons, not only because "button" is in the title, but also because I was imaging the video and how Meg and Jack multiply over and over. I was trying to imaging my buttons multiplying so effortlessly...

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