November 8, 2007

happy birfday! birthday cake! It's a little cheese cake, yum! It had better last until Saturday for Chuck's birthday too, but no promises...

So today I am 34 years old, yay! We are going to celebrate by going out for dinner tonight at local vegetarian restaurant Inn Season. I will probably get what I always get, the seasoned Tofu and the Big Brapawski tempeh burger. Its always so good. Maybe we will walk around and get coffee after that. Maybe head to the Barnes and Noble to use the gift card Mom and Dad sent us.

Before we go tonight, I do need to get some work done. I don't mind working on my birthday nowadays. I will make sure to do the fun work element changing or tax forms today. Maybe I will string beads for a while. I need to get two projects mailed off, which I diligently wrote yesterday. I need to write another one that is due today or tomorrow, so I may work on that. Maybe tonight some bead making. I have been working on some cute new tab/lentils for bracelets, so that's fun!

I plan to send out a birthday sale newsletter for this weekend, so if you are not on my mailing list, sign up here. It is my last sale of the year, and the biggest. My goal is to get as many holiday orders in early November, because come December, there is just not enough time for me to make and ship stuff. One of the drawbacks to the made to order work that I do, sigh...

And here a present for you, my first loldog of Zoey:


  1. Happy birthday!!! :) That is one delicious-looking birthday cake!

  2. Thank you! Yes it is good looking, eh? We had to get a separate cake slice yesterday to split so we didn't tear into this one before the big day. num num num

  3. Happy Birfday! I can't wait to try that cheesecake.....mmmm...oh, damn! I'm here and you're there, oh, well! Enjoy!

    birthday hugs,


  4. Happy Birthday! Boy does Zoey look hungry for that cheesecake...then again, aren't we all?

  5. Happy Birthday! (How funny that your birthday and Chuck's are so close together.) Mmm, that cake does look delicious...


    I've been behind on the blogs. YAY MELANIE!

    You're but a wee young snip of a spry little elfling still! That cake looks delish!