November 26, 2007

Grabbed my coat, And I was freaking, I was ready to go!

As requested, I put this limited edition Snow Guy bead up on Etsy. I have more assorted things I can list there, I just sometimes need to be prodded... If you want something, just email me, I might have it in stock.

I realy have nothing to say today, just much to do, so I will just show off the cute new armwarmers and legwarmers I got from Sock Dreams. I love them! They are in Portland, which I love, plus a lot of their items are made in the USA. Also, they have free shipping in the US, and it's Priority, so I got these in like 2 days. YAY! (BTW<>

Guess I am on a red/white/black kick and you know who else is? The White Stripes. I like this song, "Icky Thump", so I'm posting it. Gotta run out to the post office today and get a bunch of things done while I have the energy...


  1. Super-cute armwarmers and legwarmers! I love the skulls (surprise, surprise)!

  2. Thanks! They had skull shoelaces too, I should have gotten some. Maybe that would be ovr kill though?

    Chuck just rolls his eyes at me when I am all giddy about my socks! He doesn't get it. lol!