November 9, 2007

Get Busy

Whoo hoo! Evening post today! It has been a busy day today...
Woke up to a bunch of orders and emails from the first day of my sale, yay! These will keep me busy until Thanksgiving probably. There is still the weekend too, so I am preparing. Also I had Art Bead Scene duties this morning, so I worked on editing an interview for that. Afterwards, I wrote an article that was due today, one that was a surprise! It was a bracelet submission that usually only needs a materials list but the magazine wanted it for a full article, so that was great news! But it was short notice, so I had to hustle. But now all my writing is up to date and I get to do some new designing. Which is exciting because the beading desk has been calling me...

After all that, we started to head out in the car for a dog walk in the park. But it started to rain so we opted for the dog store to get some dog food and snacks. Its the sort of store where dogs are allowed in so we took Zo and she loves all the smells and people. After that, we went to Noble Fish, which is a local Japanese sushi bar and grocery. I got some snacks and so did Chuck...mine are pictured above...more later...but first a rant: The store is in a strip mall and there is a major name small hardware store adjacent to it. There is never anyone in the hardware store and the parking lot is always empty. But if you try to park there, and not behind the strip mall, they have a security guard who comes out and confronts you and tells you to move. We did, but the guy later came into the sushi place and accosted a poor young woman in there, demanding that she move her car and doesn't she understand English? (in a confrontational, racist sounding way). This is a multicultural area and his tone was very upsetting to me and Chuck. Very rude. We love Noble Fish but we will never go into that hardware store again...I would imagine the owner is a total ass who has a big bug up his butt about his parking lot. It seems to me, you would want your lot to look full, to give the impression that you have customers. In all our years of going there, we have never seen the lot look anywhere near full.

Whew, ok, that's out of my system...onto cuteness! At the store I got some candy, which I will try to review this weekend, and a little boxed toy, which I believe is a milk drop fairy. It says milk on it and has wings and is shaped like a drop. It also has a pacifier. cute! But the thing I love is the compartmented plate. It has 3 little bowls, like a kiddie plate, and a cute picture of a bear, monkey, and bunny. It is by the brand "Clickety Click" by the company or division called, I kid you not: "Lube Sheep". It says below: We are very good friends. Although a quarrel is also sometimes carried out, it becomes reconciled immediately." Isn't that sweet? I will use it for beading of some sort, i heart it!

Ok, that's a long post about pretty much nothing. Now I will leave you with a song by Sean Paul: "Get Busy" which is what I should do now. I re-discovered it when I typed "busy" into Google Video. I really love this sound, is it called dancehall? Or is it the reggae influence that I love. I do love ska and this seems a little like it. Can anyone recommend anything more like this?

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