November 7, 2007

'Cuz the ladder gets longer, and ambition gets stronger...

I can't satisfy the hunger, that bad old moon has got you in its sway, to be king for a day.

So yesterday in the comments, my friend Gaea suggested that I should maybe have a KING stamp too, so as to not leave out the menfolk. What a great idea! Although I do see these new ornaments as being purchased by and for women, if I end up having them on the website, then an option for men is probably a good idea. Not that there aren't a lot of men (even in my life) who would proudly wear the Queen label, its nice to have both options.

above, the finished sheets. Notice the three semi-holiday images: the tree, gnome, and peace dove. That's about as traditional Xmassy as I get. I am sure the gnome will be mistaken for Santa or an elf, so that's fine. The peace dove I can use all year around, and i like that it has Christian roots. It is rare that I use Christian elements. I love Xmas trees too, they are so steeped in nature and OLD traditions, but not a lot of people realize it. I guess I have to be slightly subversive if I am going to do anything holiday related. I just can't handle it otherwise.

You know, I have come to accept that this is how I work. I just think in multiples, in series, in production. It is so hard for me to just do one of a kind things. I get an idea and either think of how I can make it in multiple or the idea spawns into many versions, like this ornament idea. I am having so much fun with it, and am thinking of a million versions, but have limited myself to two pages, since that costs $74 and I better stop there for now. Especially if I can't even get this done in time for my show.

I am also trying not to be too ambitious lately. I tend to take on way too much. I do love it, but it is very easy for me to burn myself out, especially at the holidays. I really want to avoid that this year. So I am just trying to work steady, and stay happy. My orders alone will keep me occupied. Right now I have about 16 orders, 5 of which are wholesale. That's a lot of beads. And in the end, this is what I really want to do, run the mail order bead part of my business. All the other stuff is extra (the finished jewelry, the tiles, the ornaments) The beads and the website is my main gig. I just need to remember that.

Today's song is a good one, King for the Day by XTC. Its all about ambition and the lust for power. It popped into my mind yesterday as we went out to vote. We had a hard time finding what was on the ballot in our city, but the voting volunteer told us to go to the League of Women's Voters website, where you can find a link to your city and the issues and candidates that are on the ballots. That's my little political tip of the day!



  1. They are all so CUTE! I am particularly fond of the gnome and the tree! I tend to stear away from any religious elements as well. These are sweet...

  2. Will these be rubber stamps that you will sell as well? hint, hint, HINT!???????????????

    From the rubber stamper in the bunch,


  3. Thanks Gaea!

    Thats a good idea, I actually have lots of designs. You don't have a good source for customs stamps, do you? I love the place I use, Ready Stamps, but I don't know if they are right for paper art...and maybe too $$$.