November 13, 2007

Cookie Blues

We are going through some serious sugar withdrawal here! With both of our birthdays last week, we had lots of yummy cake and brownies, and cookies, and candy, and marshmallows around. And now nothing. Which is really best for us, but when you go a few days on a sugar binge it's hard to come down...Pre birthday, I was doing well just keeping dark chocolate, dried fruit and candied ginger around for sweets, but I went through all of that already so I think it's time for a trip to Trader Joe's to restock. I had just better put the blinders on in the baked goods aisle!

The images shown here are the extended step by step pictures I took for a project I have in Simply Beads Magazine out now. It is called Sparkle Scent Box and is intended to be a bracelet and a gift all in one! The bracelet is obvious, a sparkly little brown and cream seed bead bracelet with one of my Cookieman Snack Charms as a dangle. The bracelet attaches as a hanger to a little embellished paper box, which can be filled with yummy potpourri. I used a cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice tea to scent the sample. The potpourri goes in a little muslin bag and the paper box has little eyelets that you set into it to diffuse the fragrance.

I am absolutely swimming in cookies over here, for another project that I will tell you about tomorrow. Today I will end with a cute video I found on Google Video when I googled "cookies" So cute:

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