November 16, 2007

Collaboration Exploration 3 part two

So here is the second piece I made with the beads from our Collaboration Exploration. I really loved the leaves and the links in the bead sets but couldn't squeeze them into the first design, so I started a new one. I wanted to use the velour tubing again, and I wanted to try to use it with the links in a way that made it flow in and out of the links in a seemingly seamless way.Here is a closeup of the center. The pewter heart is from Green Girl Studios and it says protect on the back. I like the way the eye of the heart plays with the eyes of the poppy motifs.

A close up of the tubing going through the links. Let me explain: This is strung on beading cable and there are two pieces of tubing, one on each side of the link. The hole of the link is too small for the tubing to fit into, so I found that you can make it look like it is strung through with two pieces. The trick is to make them as close to the same size as possible. The crimps are hidden under crimp covers, one on each side of the leaf. So there is one piece of beading wire connecting two links, fastened with crimps at the leaf. See?
Overall, I like this design too. I would be more likely to wear this one over yesterday's, even though I do like them both. Which do you prefer?

Be sure to go and check out what Pam and AJ did with their beads on their blogs today...Pam can be found at The Blue Between Blog and AJ at ErtheFae's Meandering Thoughts


  1. This one looks great, too! I like how you worked a link into the pendant section. However, I think I like the first one better... I am a big fan of necklaces with swags!

  2. Oh! I like this one even better I think! It's beautiful :) When I get back from vacation I'm going to use the rest of my beads to make another piece too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Thanks for looking! Yeah for some reason this is more wearable to me. I mean I wanted to make a more sculptural piece with the other one, but I don't know how much I want to wear it, lol!

    Thanks again for playing!

  4. it is tough keeping up with you Melanie--both of these are TOO good! there was an old cowboy song..."Why do I have to choose? and everybody lose? well darlin I refuse...why do I have to choose?"



  5. Wow, Jean, you just crooned me a comment! Thanks, darlin!