October 11, 2007

Your Scary Movie Moment...Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Can you believe it is almost mid October already!? Halloween is coming soon! I think this is a perfect opportunity to run a little contest. The prize? The collection of my handcrafted spooky season beads shown above!

Ok, so I have been thinking about fear this month, and the things that scare me. I have also been thinking about scary movies. Isn't it crazy that horror and suspense movies are so popular? What is it that draws us in to willingly frighten ourselves? I don't watch a lot of monster horror movies, with vampires and all that. I do watch some of that in anime though. To me the scariest movies are things that could happen in real life, like serial killers. Movies like Silence of the Lambs, Seven, and Saw...things that could possibly happen in real life.

So my challenge to you is to simply tell me your favorite scary movies. What films do you watch knowing you will get your pants scared off of you? Or what movies have chilled your soul and have had a lasting effect on your psyche?

Post your scary movie thoughts in a comment on my blog: earthenwood-beads.blogspot.com or on my new Live Journal: earthenwood.livejournal.com. On October 21st, I will randomly select a winner who will receive the whole set of spooky beads shown above, just in time for Halloween!
I leave you with a video of clips of an old scary movie, Psycho, set to music by the Talking Heads "Psycho Killer"
Good Luck!

*edited to add* if you are posting anonomously, please make sure to leave a name and email or website, in case I select you as the winner! I will post the winner on the blog on Oct 21st, so check back!


  1. Psycho is a good movie, and so is The Birds, but I am choosing the original version of THE THING, whch I watched over and over as a kid!

  2. My favorite scary movie is "The Sixth Sense". I guess this is more of a psychological thriller than a scary movie per se, but a few scenes still scared the pants off of me, especially the scene where the dead girl suddenly suddenly reaches out from under the bed and grabs the boy by the leg.

  3. Good call on that, Melissa. The kid who had been shot in the head really freaked me out. Great. I had forgotten about that until now :P

    I've never been able to watch any of the "girl alone in a house with a guy stalking her" movies. My parents own both halves of a duplex, and when I was a teenager, I lived alone in one half of it. Many nights I would wake up and hear sounds outside, and my rational mind would take a hike, leaving me with the certainty that someone was outside, watching me, just waiting for me to move! This anxiety is largely gone now that I live in an apartment with my husband, but it occasionally rears it ugly head when he goes away on business. And I can't stand it when I think of someone watching me while I sleep, it's just too creepy and brings those old fears to mind.

  4. The most unsettling movie had to be Hannibal- Very creepy and dreadful. A walk through Screamers in Niagra Falls, Canada was the scariest walk I ever encountered. My head hidden in my 16 & 14 year old daughters shoulders. I am not to proud of that one. I have always been very imaginative!

  5. I am creeped out by scary movies with dolls that come to life or little kids with glowing eyes (The Village).

  6. The original "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" with Gene Wilder! I think it was that tunnel scene with the chicken head. Or maybe it was the orange Ommpaloompas. I remember hiding behind the chair in front of us and screaming wildly until my mother took me from the theater. I love the movie now. Not so much at 4.

  7. The scary flying monkeys in "Wizard of Oz"...the way the Wicked Witch laughs and says "...and you will DIE!!"...oh, and who could forget "redrum" from "The Shining"...gives me chills just thinking about it!!!

  8. When I was younger, I very much did not like the movie Candy Man. I had nightmares about people crawling through the mirror. Of course, in retrospect it wasn't that bad... but at the time, it was pretty freaky.

    This one isn't one that I like or even am really scared of, but it is of mention since I'm slightly phobic of it. There was a movie out a couple years ago called Willard or something like that. It's the one with a lot of rats. I don't like rats.

    And who wasn't scared of Silence of the Lambs? Even though I'm not a woman or size 14 and have somewhat polite manners... this one still freaks me out a little.

  9. ooh, great scary movies everyone! Thanks for sharing! I want to hear more!

  10. Super scary movie? Definitely Blair Witch Project. If you've ever been camping as a kid, especially in the 70's, it's spot on for camping madness. Who hasn't sat in the woods and thought about the evil lurking in the forest? Eek!

  11. I like reading everyone's opinions on what's scary. :)

    I agree that Saw (I've only seen I & II) REALLY scared me. Also, Jeepers Creepers scared the you know what outa me!
    The scene in Hannibal where he's eating Ray Liotta's brain...scarred me for weeks.
    Final Destination movies really make me jump. Some of the deaths just come out of nowhere. BAM!!!

    Ok, this is only a short list for me. Obviously I'm easily scared. LOL!

  12. My all time favorite scary movie is...

    Prince of Darkness (also known as John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness) is a 1987 American horror film directed, written and scored by John Carpenter.

    A sinister secret has been kept in the basement of an abandoned Los Angeles church for many years. With the death of a priest belonging to a mysterious sect, another priest opens the door to the basement and discovers a vat containing a green liquid. The priest contacts a group of physics graduate students to investigate it. Unfortunately, they discover that the liquid contains the essence of Satan himself, and they also discover that he will release HIS father - an all-powerful Anti-God! The liquid later comes to life itself, turning some of the students into zombies as the Devil comes forward to release his father. Will these students be able to stop him??

  13. Definitely the EXORCIST.
    Which Part?
    All of it - FREAKS ME OUT!!

  14. ah..moment--I misnderstoof! The moment in The Thing when the Thing dies! whoo hoo

  15. oooh scary movies. I love love love scary movies. the ones that I enjoy the most are movies like Scream, Nightmare on elm street type movies. But the ones that really scare me are ones that could really happen. Like Hostel, I shut that off about a half hour in. Blair witch freeked me out. Yes i understand why some thought it was dumb. I think for me it was growing up in the country and hearing lengends like that, and could remember going into the woods, or old houses with friends just for a scare.

    Okay thse pieces are sooo sooo cute!!!! I hope you have some for sale.